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How to play the violin: basic techniques of the game
New post on how to play the violin. Earlier you became acquainted with the device of the violin and its acoustic features, but today the focus is on the violin…

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The story of the creation of the song "God Bless America" ("Lord Bless America") - an unofficial anthem of the United States
This man in America became what Isaac Dunaevsky was in the USSR. The celebration of Irwin Berlin on his 100th birthday marked a big concert at Carnegie Hall, which was…

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The story of the creation of the song "God Bless America" ("Lord Bless America") - an unofficial anthem of the United States
This man in America became what Isaac Dunaevsky was in the USSR. The celebration of Irwin Berlin on his 100th birthday marked a big concert at Carnegie Hall, which was…

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How to create a music group?

Creating a musical group is a complex and serious process. Let’s talk about how to create a musical group, and we’ll figure it out in detail. So where do you start? And it all starts with the definition of the concept of the future team. It is necessary to determine the tasks of the future team, answering some auxiliary questions. What genre will our group work in? How many members of the collective will be required to achieve the desired sound? What do we want to say with our music?

How can we surprise (that we have something that famous performers in this genre don’t have)? I think the direction of thoughts is clear … Why do you need to do this? Yes, because a group without goals will not have any achievements, and when a team does not have the results of its work, it quickly breaks up. Creating a group of musicians is no longer an experiment, and it’s important to decide on the direction of work: either you will promote your own style, or you will write new songs, or you will create a group for custom-made performances with live music at corporate parties, weddings or just in some cafe. First you need to choose one road, because moving in all directions at once, you can’t get anywhere. Continue reading

How to come up with a band name that will bring success?

The name of the group for many leaves the first impression from the musical collective, which remains forever. A sonorous and easy to remember name will immediately stand out among numerous groups and will facilitate the promotion of the team to the top of Olympus. There are some tried and tested ways to come up with a “selling” name for the ensemble. NAME – SYMBOL The word that will cause the public to associate with the collective and its individuality will increase the group’s memorability by 40%. The symbol of the ensemble is its clear, concise description, expressing the ideology and worldview of the participants.

For example, groups promoting the national Russian culture are often called: “Slavs”, “Rusichi”. How to come up with a group name – a symbol? Try to describe the team, its members and the main idea in one word. Continue reading

Music-Education.ruVocal and singing Male and female singing voices

All singing voices are divided into female, male and children’s. The main female voices are soprano, mezzo-soprano and contralto, and the most common male voices are tenor, baritone and bass. All sounds that can be sung or played on a musical instrument are high, medium and low. Musicians, when talking about pitch, use the term “register”, meaning whole groups of high, medium, or low sounds. In a global sense, female voices sing the sounds of a high or “upper” register, children’s voices sing the sounds of a middle register, and male voices sing sounds of a low or “lower” register. But this is only partly true, in fact, everything is much more interesting.

Within each of the groups of votes and even within the range of each individual vote, there is also a division into high, medium and low register. So, for example, the tenor is the high male voice, the baritone is the middle, and the bass is low. Or, another example, the singers have the highest voice – soprano, the middle voice of the vocalists is mezzo-soprano, and the low – contralto. Continue reading

How to record a song at home?

Many people just love to sing, someone knows how to play certain musical instruments, someone writes music, words, in general, ready-made songs. And at one fine moment there may be a desire to record your work so that not only close people can listen, but, for example, send it to some contest or simply post it on the Internet on a personal website or blog. However, to put it mildly, I do not want to spend money on professional recordings in the studio, or maybe they are already missing.

This is where the question arises in my head with what and how to record a song at home, and is it possible in principle? In principle, this is quite possible, you just need to properly prepare for this process: at a minimum, purchase the necessary equipment and correctly prepare everything for recording a song in your home. EQUIPMENT REQUIRED Besides good voice and hearing, a microphone plays an important role in recording a song at home. Continue reading

How to record songs in the studio?

Sooner or later, many musical groups in their work come to a point where, for the further promotion and development of the group, it is necessary to record several songs, so to speak, to make a demo recording. Recently, with the development of modern technologies to make such a record at home seems quite real, but the quality of such records, of course, leaves much to be desired. Also, without certain knowledge and skills of high-quality recording and mixing sound, the result may not be exactly what the musicians had originally hoped for. And it’s not too serious to provide a “makeshift” disc with poor recording quality on radio or various festivals.

Therefore, recording a demo is necessary only at a professional studio. Many musicians, rehearsing for days in garages and basements, have a fairly good level of play, but they can’t even imagine how songs are recorded in the studio. Therefore, we move smoothly to the first point – we choose a recording studio. CHOOSING A STUDIO Naturally, one should not go to the first recording studio that comes across and donate money for renting the equipment provided. For starters, you can ask your friends musicians where and at what studios they record their work. Continue reading

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