Main musical genres

New Year's repertoire of the vocalist
New Year is a time of not only a holiday, but also concerts for vocalists, both beginners and experienced, performing on stage for many years. At this time, not only…

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How to restore a broken voice
Alas, with the loss of voice, sooner or later, every vocalist is faced. Very often, the cause of a broken voice is not intensive vocals, but a scream, especially in…

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Children's classical music
Classical composers devoted many pages of their work to children. These musical works are written taking into account the peculiarities of children's perception, many of them are specially for small…

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The most common forms of music

You have probably come across such philosophical concepts as form and content. These words are universal enough to denote similar aspects of the most diverse phenomena. And music is no exception. In this article you will find an overview of the most popular forms of musical works. Before calling the common forms of musical works, let us determine what exactly is form in music? Form is what relates to the design of a work, to the principles of its structure, to the sequence of conducting musical material in it. The form of musicians is understood in two ways. On the one hand, the form is a layout of all parts of the musical composition in order.

On the other hand, form is not only a scheme, but also a process of formation and development in a work of those expressive means by which an artistic image of a given work is created. What are these expressive means? Melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre, register and so on. The rationale for such a double understanding of the essence of musical form is the merit of the Russian scientist, academician and composer Boris Asafiev. Continue reading

Degrees of affinity of keys: in music everything is, as in mathematics!

The subject of classical harmony necessitates a deep examination of the interconnections between different keys. This relationship, first of all, is carried out by the similarity of several keys with common sounds (including key characters) and is called the relatedness of keys. First you need to clearly understand that, in principle, a universal system that determines the degree of relatedness of tonalities does not exist, since each composer perceives and implements this relationship in his own way. However, nevertheless, in musical theory and practice some systems exist and are firmly established, for example, Rimsky-Korsakov, Methodin, Hindemith and few other musicians.

The degrees of relatedness of keys are determined by the proximity of these keys to each other. The criteria for proximity are the presence of common sounds and consonances (mainly triads). Continue reading

Music-Education.ruLikbez What are the styles of music?

What are the styles of music? Musical style is a capacious and multifaceted concept. It can be defined as a figurative unity, a combination of means of expressing artistic and ideological content using the language of music. The concept of the style of music is so broad that its concretization itself suggests itself: this term refers to different eras, genres, directions and schools, as well as to individual composers and even performers. Let’s try to figure out what styles of music are.

STYLE OF EPOCH The concept of the style of the era focuses on the historical aspect. There are many classifications, some of which distinguish the largest historical epochs in the development of music (Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism, Modernity, etc.), while others, on the contrary, divide the history of music into relatively short periods, previously allocated by other art disciplines (romanticism , impressionism, modernism, etc.). Continue reading

Music and color: the phenomenon of color hearing

Even in ancient India, there were peculiar ideas about the close relationship of music and color. In particular, the Indians believed that each person has his own melody and color. The brilliant Aristotle claimed in the treatise “On the Soul” that the correlation of colors is similar to musical harmonies. The Pythagoreans preferred white, as the dominant one in the Universe, and the colors of the spectrum in their view corresponded to seven musical tones.

The colors and sounds in the cosmogony of the Greeks are active creative forces. In the XVIII century, the monk scientist L. Castel decided to construct a “color harpsichord”. Pressing a key would present the gaze of the listener with a bright color spot in a special window above the instrument in the form of a colored moving ribbon, flags shining with various colors of precious stones, illuminated by torches or candles to enhance the effect. Composers Rameau, Telemann and Gretry reacted with attention to the ideas of Castel. At the same time, he was sharply criticized by encyclopedists, who considered the analogy “seven gamma sounds – seven spectrum colors” to be untenable. Continue reading

Promotion of a musical group: 5 steps to fame

Very often, groups come together only out of a desire to just play favorite songs with someone together. But if your dreams are much more ambitious, then to achieve them you will need a certain plan of action. However, you do not need to be scared in advance of exhausting schedules and big money expenses, because the initial promotion of a musical group does not require this at all. Five steps that anyone can take can lead you and your group to vocation and popularity, including world-class.


In order to find fans, perform on venues, make the whole Internet talk about yourself, and then the world … you just need to start creating. And a lot with enthusiasm. It is not necessary to be afraid of one’s own imperfection. After all, it has long been proven that in music the amount of time and effort spent always grows into quality. Continue reading

Degrees of affinity of keys: in music everything is, as in mathematics!
The subject of classical harmony necessitates a deep examination of the interconnections between different keys. This relationship, first of all, is carried out by the similarity of several keys with…


How to increase your voice range?
Each vocalist dreams of having a wide range of working voices. But not everyone can use professional methods to achieve a beautiful sounding voice in any part of the range…


Songs of Victory: a grateful memory
What is behind this brief and at the same time unusually capacious phrase - “Victory songs”? Very, very much: four years of incredible exertion of physical and mental forces, lying…


Music Education: Music Education Andres Segovia Torres: Revival of the Guitar
SPAIN!!! Homeland of great sailors, ancient chivalric novels, roguish literature. Land of Cervantes, Velazquez, Goya ... A country of unquenchable temperament, openness and Honor. Where else can you meet such…