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How to learn to improvise on the piano: improvisation techniques
Good mood to you, dear reader. In this short post we will talk about how to learn to improvise: we will discuss some general points and see the basic techniques…

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Alfred Schnittke: let movie music first
Music today penetrates into all spheres of our life. Rather, it can be said that there is no such area wherever the music sounds. Naturally, this fully applies to cinema…

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How to come up with a band name that will bring success?
The name of the group for many leaves the first impression from the musical collective, which remains forever. A sonorous and easy to remember name will immediately stand out among…

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5 harmful and 5 useful products for the vocalist. Power Features and Voice Sounding

Nutrition plays a big role in the life and work of the vocalist. Sometimes the hoarse sound of a voice does not appear due to a sore throat, but with improper nutrition. The problem concerns not only the main food of the singer, but also the consumption of certain foods before singing. It is believed that vocalists are forbidden to only use seeds, as this is harmful to the voice, and you need to drink raw eggs before singing. In fact, the list of products that vocalists should not eat is much wider than what vocal teachers say. Let’s take a closer look at this issue, and also give the top 5 most useful and harmful products for voice.


Any foodstuffs differently affects the elasticity of the mucous membranes of the throat and larynx. Some contribute to a better stretching of the tissues, due to which the hoarse coloring of the voice may disappear, while others increase the unpleasant sensation during singing. Therefore, in one case, food can be useful for a vocalist, in another – harmful. Not only the color of the voice, its pleasant sound and ease in singing, but also the removal of some clips will depend on it. After all, when there is discomfort in the throat, singing becomes difficult and very uncomfortable. Therefore, all products can be divided into useful for the vocalist, which contribute to the elasticity of soft tissues, and harmful. Continue reading

How to restore a broken voice

Alas, with the loss of voice, sooner or later, every vocalist is faced. Very often, the cause of a broken voice is not intensive vocals, but a scream, especially in a state of intense anger or affect. A torn voice disappears not like during a cold, but suddenly right after a scream or even during it. He immediately becomes hoarse and then disappears altogether. A vocalist can only speak in a whisper, in pain. Here are the steps you need to take right after you pluck your voice.

FIRST AID WITH A BROKEN VOICE In order to avoid the dangerous effects of a voice injury, you first need to take it as soon as you feel a rash and sudden hoarseness. Shut up immediately. In the first minutes, it can only be explained by gestures, because, depending on the degree of damage to the ligaments, bleeding may open. To prevent this from happening, you need to shut up and not talk at all for the first two hours. Especially if it hurts you to speak or your voice has become weak and hoarse. Wrap the neck area with a warm scarf or soft woolen fabrics, for example, a collar of a sweater or a fur jacket. At first, this will soften the unpleasant sensation and allow you to relax the muscles of the larynx. The neck should be warm all the time, even in summer. If you plucked your voice, you need to wrap the throat area with a soft scarf or just natural fabrics. Continue reading

How to increase your voice range?

Each vocalist dreams of having a wide range of working voices. But not everyone can use professional methods to achieve a beautiful sounding voice in any part of the range and try to expand it on their own at the expense of health. To do this correctly, the vocalist needs to follow certain rules.

The range of voice changes throughout life. Even for talented children, it is much narrower than that of an adult vocalist with average abilities, so expanding it to 7–9 years is useless. The fact is that in young children, the vocal cords are still being formed. To get a beautiful sound at this age and try to expand the range artificially is a waste of time and energy, because the child’s voice is very fragile and it’s easy to harm the wrong exercises. In the process of singing, its range itself expands, without additional effort. It is best to start active exercises to expand it after the end of young adolescence. Continue reading

How to learn to sing high notes

High notes can be difficult for beginner vocalists, and more so for those who did not sing in the choir during their childhood. You can learn to sing them correctly at any age. Training will go faster if the vocalist already had experience in singing during school years. For many reasons, many performers are afraid to take high notes, but in fact, with the help of special exercises you can learn to correctly and beautifully take them.
A few simple exercises will help you learn to sing high in the upper part of your range without additional sound amplifiers and reverb. But first you need to figure out what prevents you from singing easily and beautifully and staying on top in a complex head tessitura.

WHY HIGH NOTES ARE DIFFICULT TO SING EVEN SOPRANO There can be many reasons for singing difficulties in high parts of the range. The vocalist begins to be frightened of them both due to physical and psychological factors. However, his voice can really sound ugly on the top notes. Here are some of the most common reasons why it’s hard to sing them: Singing on ligaments with improper breathing. Compensating for the lack of air and trying to control the intonation, the vocalist begins to sing high notes not in an operative sound, but in ligaments. Continue reading

How to learn to sing softly

Listening to world famous singers, many are surprised: the performers convey the subtle nuances of the vocal composition so subtly that even the quietest words can easily be heard on the last row in the hall.

These singers are singing into the microphone, so they are so audible, some vocal lovers think, but in fact it is not, and you can learn to sing quietly easily and quickly if you do some exercises. At first, it seemed to me like that too, until at a concert of classical music in DK I heard one singer who had several victories at vocal competitions. When she sang, her voice flowed surprisingly softly and quietly, although the girl sang Gurilev’s classic romance.

It was unusual to listen, especially to those who had been engaged in academic singing for many years and got used to a rich and loud sound, but the secret of the singer’s success soon became clear. Continue reading

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