Where cultures meet
The atmosphere sparked by melodious, breathtakingly breakneck themes and ecstatic
instrumental solos over the infectious, almost trance-like energy of the Çyçek groove is
always one to delight an audience. The band is often spurred on by the fiery temperament
of Albanian listeners, who have been known to wallow in sweet memories upon hearing
the wistful ballads from home. The multifaceted audience is striking: ethno and folk lovers
are attracted as well as rock and jazz followers; both young and old audiences can
relate to this music. This earthy music goes straight to the bone and invites listeners to
dance (which is very much in line with tradition) or simply to embark on a sociable musical journey of the senses into Mediterranean realms. The fusion therefore has not
only a musical but also a cultural dimension. It may even be a small contribution
to communication between two cultures. We see our work as an artistic, creative and
transnational process. With the music of Kapsamun, we are trying to find our direct form
of personal expression as a band – a vision that will continue to be our impetus in future.

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