Based on authentic traditional folk music from Kosova/Albania, this musical field is
<indeed ideal for discovery and experimentation. In this context, for example, the older
Arabian influences in original Balkan music, can be set off against and compared with
today's Arabian approach to composition (for ex. that of Anouar Brahem). Musicians such
as John Zorn have already shown that tradition and innovation can be united in a fruitful
combination, thus creating a new culture of sound. In the same way, Kapsamun would
also like to let Western European roots slip into its sound, bringing a wonderfully varied
musical experience. This explains why influences from a broad range of musical styles,
including jazz, rock, fusion, Latin and new music, among others, are incorporated
in the work. This experimental procedure is, incidentally, also very enthusiastically
received by the traditionally aware Albanian audience, perhaps because
Kapsamun still sets great store by the authentic interpretation of the original themes.

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